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ScrapBook is a Palm OS note-taking application, featuring organization of notes into nested folders
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24 January 2008

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Many a times, in the absence of a computer system at an outdoor location, we are compelled to save tit bits of information slices on small pieces of paper, which after some time either are misplaced or damaged in the process of careless handling. Numerous applications have been developed that can be installed on high tech mobile phones for optimal working in the absence of laptops or desktops. ScrapBook 1.14a is such software designed to provide maximum functionality in the absence of computers, with its documenting features and storing large collection of short notes along with flexible working and quick performance.

ScrapBook being a mobile application, opens with a smart and neat interface with compactly placed options for simplified working. It has superlative organizational and search abilities that assist in managing and controlling of large notes compilation. The software also supports the encryption facility to keep some selective notes protected from third party view. The user can create multiple folders and organize them neatly using the standard Palm OS category. Furthermore, each not can be assigned multiple key words to facilitate easy locating of a particular note by the user at any time. Also, virtual folders can be used that relate the stored notes with keywords. The application’s in built search engine allows the user to search the database for multiple words and or strings at one time, for titles, and even full message texts. Immensely useful for personal as well as professional use, the software amasses humungous content and is certainly a cost effective application for all and sundry.

ScrapBook 1.14a deserves kudos for its innovative working in a compact mode with optimized and extensive options, and gets a rating score of four points for its flexibility and sound performance. The application is likely to find favor amongst many mobile users who would like to add a valuable application onto their handsets.

Publisher's description

ScrapBook is a note-taking application for Palm OS, featuring enhanced organizational and search capabilities that help you manage a large collection of notes. ScrapBook also supports encryption (using the DES algorithm), to let you keep selected notes private.
You can organize your notes using nested folders (as many as you need, nested as deeply as you need), as well as by using standard Palm OS "categories". Also, you can assign a list of keywords to a note, and find notes by searching for one or more keywords. You can also use "virtual folders", which associate notes with folders dynamically - provided you coordinate the keywords assigned to various notes with the words used in the virtual folder's path.
ScrapBook can search its database for multiple words or strings at once, searching keywords, titles, and (optionally) full message texts. This includes the ability to search encrypted notes (prompting for passwords as needed)! Search results are sorted so that the best matches are presented first.
ScrapBook can exchange notes, in both directions, with the built-in Memos or Memo Pad application.
ScrapBook is distributed as a .zip format compressed archive, containing ScrapBook.prc + documentation (including a complete user's manual).
ScrapBook is shareware, with a 30-day trial period.
Version 1.14
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